Pawfect Cut Dog Grooming is owned by our daughter Hannah and can be found on site at Paw Dog Training in Newchurch, near Ashford, Kent.


Hannah is a fully qualified Dog Groomer, trained to City and Guilds Level 3; but she also sets herself very high standards.  You will find she will listen to what you want and carry it out exactly as you wish; whether it be to breed standard or your own particular personal taste.


As you can appreciate Hannah has grown up around dogs all her life and is obviously therefore used to dealing with dogs of varying breeds and temperaments - having for many years been directly involved with me training dogs.  Her aim is to make your dogs groom both a relaxing and an enjoyable one.


The parlour itself is small, friendly and modern. It has the latest equipment including:- a bath and table which are electrically operated (meaning they come down to floor level)  This enables large and less agile dogs to climb into/onto the bath or the table when they are ready - without the need for Hannah to pick them up which they may find uncomfortable.  She also uses only the best shampoos and conditioners - all containing completely natural ingredients.


Each customer is allocated a time slot, meaning only one dog is groomed and is present in the parlour at any one time (unless it is another member of the same family).   Your dog will then be assured of Hannah's full attention; therefore no need for them to be staying for hours unnecessarily in cages or being caged dried.   Thus making the whole grooming experience both stress free and enjoyable.  You are welcome to stay with your dog whilst it is groomed or depart if you wish - it is entirely up to you.  Sometimes dogs benefit from their owners staying but also some dogs are far better off without you being there.  You can be rest assured however, you will be leaving your dog in caring hands.


You would be made to feel most welcome to come and view the premises and to discuss with Hannah any individual needs you may have..





Grooming is both beneficial and essential to every breed of dog.  It promotes cleanliness and health as well as appearance.   Therefore your dog does not have to have lots of hair to benefit from a grooming experience.





The services available to you and your dog include:-


FULL GROOM:- Bath with 2 natural shampoos, Full dry or fluff dry if required, Clipping/Scissoring/Trimming * Nail Clipping * Ear Cleaning * Facial Cleansing * Spritz of fragrance spray and a collar bow


HAND STRIPPING:- Full hand strip * Bath with 2 natural shampoos * Full dry, Trimming and thinnng of required areas * Nail clipping * Ear cleaning * Facial cleansing * Spritz of fragrance spray and a collar bow


BATHING:- Bath with 2 natural shampoos *  Full dry or fluff dry if required * Brush out and removal of dead coat *  Trimming of feet, feathers * hygiene area and tail if required,* Spritz of fragrance spray and a collar bow.


PUPPY GROOMS:- Bath with 2 natural hyperallergenic shampoos * Full dry or fluff dry if required, Trimming of feet, face and hygiene area * Nail clipping * Ear cleaning * Facial cleansing *  Spritz of fragrance spray and collar bow.

Introducing your puppy to the sights, sounds and smells of grooming early on will most certainly benefit him/her.  Grooms for pups are available at a reduced rate if they are under 6 months of age.


Contact Details For Pawfect Cut Dog Grooming:-

Hannah Williams

'The Stables'

Street Farm Cottage

The Street

Newchurch . TN29 0DZ


Telephone:- 07794 109418 OR 01303 680929



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