Socialisation/Obedience Training Courses

Socialisation features highly in this course, alongside the basic obedience exercises ie Sit, Walking to Heel , Recall etc.  We also like to incorporate some age suitable agility exercises within the course - which aids confidence, bonding and obedience - as well as obviously a fun aspect.


All Standards are welcome; remember nobody comes to dog classes with perfectly behaved dogs!  Our clients come to our classes for a whole host of reasons. 


Children are also welcome to accompany their parents. 


Booking is absolutely essential; as number of dogs per class are limited to around 10, this in turn means that everybody gets the attention they deserve.  It also means that the courses can be tailored to the individual needs of each dog and handler - ensuring everyone makes progression within the 5 weeks .


We do not have run a  Puppy Class perse ......we prefer to include them within our normal classes - in our opinion we find it works very well for all concerned ....representing real life


The cost of the 5 week Socialisation & Obediences Courses is £70 per dog. 


We also run an Enhanced obedience course; which are run for those dogs who already have a good level of obedience; whose owners wish to train them beyond the basics. 


Booking is absolutely essential - please email us to enquire when the next set of course dates are and to reserve a place.

Car Park Available For Attendees







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